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WordPress: Optimizing Nginx and WP Super Cache

Today we're going to compare the performance of a WordPress site before and after we install and optimize the WP Super Cache plugin.

We're running Ubuntu 16.04 Server, Nginx 1.10, PHP 7 with the Zend OPcache, MariaDB, and WordPress 4.6 with a few other plugins (Akismet, Jetpack, Yoast SEO, and Google Analytics). The system itself is a humble virtual server with 1 "core", 2 GB RAM, and SSD storage, costing $10/month.

WordPress Plugin Development Tutorial

This article is intended to serve as a simple WordPress plugin development tutorial. For the purpose of demonstration we'll create a plugin that removes comment spam.

For this to work, you have to be running some sort of anti-spam system like Akismet that marks spam comments as such when they're submitted. Comments are written into a table called wp_comments in the database of your web site, and if they've been identified as spam, the word "spam" is written into their comment_approved field. Here's a look at the wp_comments table in phpMyAdmin:

WordPress: Installation and Performance

This article describes some of the basics on installing and running WordPress to maximize its performance. The following scripts and text generally assume Debian/Ubuntu, so substitute Red Hat, Arch, etc. as needed.


If you're less lazy than I am, you could combine the whole install routine into a single Bash script, and make it compatible with multiple distros, something like:

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