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Migrate Zope/Plone from CentOS to Ubuntu

I don't use Zope and Plone anymore, but if you've played with Zope/Plone you know they are highly proprietary, fragile, missing a lot of desirable functionality, and overall pretty painful to manage. About the only thing I really ever liked about them was the relative ease of integrating Python libraries and code. Regardless, I sometimes had to move Zope installs around between servers, so this is one of the procedures I used.

Nginx + PHP-FPM + PHP Cache + SSL + Varnish + Drupal

Note: The below instructions are for Varnish 3 on Ubuntu 12. If you want to run Drupal with Varnish 4 on Ubuntu 16, updated instructions are here.

So, you want to set up Nginx and Drupal with all the bells and whistles on Ubuntu Server 12.04. You want caching for both PHP and Varnish and you need it to work for both SSL and non-SSL. Here's a blueprint you might follow. This assumes you're starting from scratch with a bare install or image, with no web server, database or anything except SSH.

Drupal 7 File Descriptions

I needed to increase the maximum length of the Drupal 7 file description field that appears when you enable the File module and allow uploads in nodes. By default, the file description field restricts input to 128 characters.

The Drupal 7 File Description Field

This is set in in the File module in core Drupal:


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