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OTRS Migration from Ubuntu to CentOS

This page describes an OTRS migration from one Linux server to another. The background: I had an existing version 3.1.x installation of the OTRS Help Desk system that needed to be upgraded to the latest version (at the time, 3.2.9) and migrated from an Ubuntu 12.04 system to a CentOS 6.1 system. The goal was to create an installation that could be upgraded using the RPM packages provided by OTRS themselves. The version of OTRS in use was the free open-source version.

OTRS Installation on Ubuntu 12.04

An updated version of this article using OTRS 5 and Ubuntu 16.04 is available here.

This article describes how to install the OTRS help desk system on an Ubuntu 12.04 server. OTRS is a popular open-source help desk system written in Perl; it was at version 3.2.9 as of this writing. The instructions here should work for later versions of Ubuntu or Debian, but you should RTFM for later versions of OTRS to take advantage of new features.

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