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This is the home server of Geoff Stratton. The server itself lives in Softlayer's DAL02/06 data center in downtown Dallas, Texas, geolocation 32 47 32.599 N 96 48 53.11 W 125m 10m 100m 10m. There's a little more about me on the About page.

I use this place mostly as a personal knowledge base, although I keep it public in case anything useful emerges. All of this worked for me, but caveat emptor, and don't go handling snake-skin.

Software Development

These are programs and scripts I've written over the years in various languages and frameworks. More general notes on development, databases, specific platforms and administration are in the "Linux/Unix" section below. I'll continue adding stuff here as I have time to clean it up and test it.

Consider everything posted here to be covered by the GNU Public License Version 3. You should read the whole license, but essentially it means you can do anything you want with the code, including bundle it up and sell it as a new application. The catch is that if you make and distribute a new app, you are required to make all the source code available for free to everyone.

Linux/Unix Stuff

Other Projects?